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Little Feet Child Care Center
General Information Handbook

Open Door Policy
We have an “open door” policy. I invite you to drop in at any time. Your concerns, questions or comments are always welcome. All we ask is that you do not disturb the classes.

Non Discrimination Policy
Applications for enrollment are accepted without regard to race, religion, color, sex national origin.

We are looking very forward to your child(ren) attending Little Feet Day Care Center. It is our goal to provide a safe, educational and fun atmosphere for your children. We are guided by, but not limited to the Minimum Standards set forth by the Sate of Texas. In order to do so we must all abide by the same policies.

Enrollment & Charges
All important and required papers must be filled out and turned in prior to your child’s first day. Those papers include:

• Complete Registration Packet which includes personal information, authorization for emergency medical attention, good health statement form doctor or parent, special needs statement and fee statement.
• Copy of current immunization
• Signed acknowledgment of receipt of this hand book.
• Child’s character analysis sheet

First day of school:
If your child has never attended Day Care before please feel free to come a little early and spend some time helping your child adjust. Please dress your child in comfortable play clothes. We get dirty sometimes.

Registration Fee
A one time, non refundable registration fee of $60.00 required per child upon enrollment.

Tuition Policy
All tuition is due in advance each Friday. Tuition not paid by Monday evening will result a late charge of $10.00 per day per child. If fees are unpaid one week after the due date, your child will not be admitted until full payment is made. The tuition is the same whether in attendance 1 day or 5 days. There will be no exceptions. This includes holidays.

We will be closed on New Years Eve and Day, Friday before Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and the day after, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. In the event that a holiday falls on the weekend, we will be closed either the Friday before and or the Monday after. Due to fixed costs, averaged over calendar year, there is no reduction in tuition for these holidays.

Children holding full time positions are responsible for the quoted tuition whether a child is in all or part of a week. Such actions are necessary to hold your child’s position in our school since we have teacher’s salaries, food, supplies, rent maintenance and utilities. Since school is limited to the number enrolled, it is necessary that you understand our policy.

Your child may be absent from the center for one week per year with only half tuition being due. If the absence lasts for more that one week, you must pay full tuition to hold your child’s place.

If you remove your child from the center and then return you must pay an enrollment fee of $100.00. Your child will only be admitted if space is available.

Full Time Care
Infants – 0 months to 17 months Weekly tuition $165.00
Toddlers - 18 months to 23 months Weekly tuition $125.00
Two year olds Weekly tuition $125.00
Pre School 3 to 5 year olds Weekly tuition $125.00
School Age 6 years to 12 years Weekly tuition $95.00

• Referral Program - Parents will be given $50.00 off their next weeks child care for each family they refer to Little Feet Day Care Center who enrolls as a full time student. This refers to New students only. Students previously enrolled do not count.

Drop Ins
Drop ins must comply with all requirements as full time students. Tuition will be at $10.00 an hour. Payable the day of services.

Hours of Operation
Schedule: Doors open from 07:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.Monday through Friday. Please do not bring your child early. We need time to prepare the school for opening. Children must be picked up no later than 6:00 pm.

Holidays (Non Operational days)
• News Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day December 31, 2010 / January 1, 2011
• Martin Luther King January 17, 2011
• Friday before Easter Sunday April 2, 2010
• Memorial Day May 31, 2010
• July 4th July 4, 2010
• Labor Day Sept 6, 2010
• Thanksgiving Day and the day after November 25 / November 26, 2010
• Christmas Eve and Christmas Day December 24 / December 25, 2010

Returned Checks
Return check fee is $25.00 plus $40.00 late fee. Cashiers check or money order will be required as payment for a returned check. Your account will be put on a money order or cashier check basis after two returned checks. No checks will be reran. You must pick the check up the same day or your child will not be admitted the next day.

Late Pick Up Charge
We know that emerg encies arise that are beyond your control. A fee of $1.00 per minute will be charged for each minute after 6:05. Excessive tardiness will lead to additional fees. These fees are due when you pick up your child!! Please call in advance if you are going to be late. Legal authorities will be contacted for children left at the center 30 minutes after the closing time of the center.

Clothing and Personal Belongings
Your child will have many opportunities to experience a variety of activities. Simple clothing that is washable will allow your child to participate comfortably in the playground activities, and messy art activities. All Children shall come to school clean and neat.

We cannot replace lost articles. All parents are asked when you bring your child to the center to put his/her belongings in their personal box and not lay them down for the teacher to put up. It is very had to remember every child’s coat, sweater etc. Parents are responsible for putting the child’s name on clothing, blankets, coats, and each item that enters the center. We will not be responsible for lost items.

What you bring to school: All times must be marked with your child’s name. The center cannot be responsible for a toy brought from home.

• A change of clothes, sock, and underwear must remain at the school at all times.
• A coat during the winter.
• Sleep mat and blanket
• Infants and toddlers need diapers or pull ups, wipes and pacifier if used, sippy cup (clearly marked with permanent marker).

Arrival & Departure
Sign In & Out

Teachers are required to sign-in each child upon arrival. Every child must be signed out; therefore, no child will be released from the playground. If your child will not be attending please call and let us know as quickly as possible.

Early dismissal: Please try to schedule your child’s pick up either before or after nap time. Trying to gather a child and his/ her things to leave is very disruptive to the other children.

Release of children: The center is legally responsible for insuring that each child leaves only with an authorized adult. Children will be released only to the persons listed on the enrollment and child care forms in the student files. Appropriate written permission must be on file for each person who is allowed to pick your child up. We will not release a child without written permission from the parents and without a photo I.D. from the person picking them up. IN AN EMERGENCY ONLY. If the person listed on your child’s enrollment forms is not available a parent must call and give oral permission along with a brief description of the person to whom will be picking up their child. Plus the persons name and drivers license number. They will have to show their drivers license and be able to provide the last 4 digits of the parents Social Security Number in order to take the child. If this request is made by telephone a staff member will cal the parents at the number(s) listed as contact numbers on the enrollment form to confirm the request. YOUR CHILDS SAFETY COMES FIRST.

Medical Requirements
A statement signed by a physician licensed to practice medicine, shall certify that the child has been currently examined by the physician and the child is physically able to participate in the school’s programs. Also, current shot records shall be kept on file at the school and updated at all times.

A signed affidavit from a physician that in his opinion immunization would be injurious to the health and will being of the child or any other member of the family or household. Or, a signed affidavit from the parent or guardian that immunization conflicts with the beliefs of their religion. These options will be acceptable in lieu of current shot records.

Discipline consists of positive reinforcement. The use of physical punishment is never permitted.

If your child is experiencing a change in the home environment that may result in changes in behavior at the center it important for you to notify the Director. Also, the Director will immediately notify a parent in the event of a behavior problem that exists consistently.

In order to maintain a fun and educational environment we must enforce a discipline policy. In the event that child is having a behavior problem we will…..

• We will use age appropriate consequences for unwanted behaviors
• We will try to use preventative, not punishing techniques such as, age appropriate time outs, separation form activities, discussions on behavior, redirection to another activity etc…
• We will teach anger management skills
• We will approach each child as an individual and deal with them in a way that is most appropriate for their age level and personality.
• We will train our staff to deal with an array of discipline issues.
• We will use special restraining techniques if a child is uncontrollable and in danger of hurting themselves or another student or staff member


Illness / Injuries
Your children’s health is of great importance. If your child becomes ill while at the center your will be notified to pick up your child up immediately. In such an event, your child will be isolated from the other children until you arrive. Do not bring your children to school if they have any following:

• A temperature above normal. Children must be fever free for at least 24 hours before returning to the center.
• A rash of any kind
• Diarrhea or vomiting
• Green or yellow mucous draining from their nose and/ or a severe cough.
• Eye infections, mumps, measles, strep throat, chicken pox, lice or any other communicable diseases. A doctor’s note to return to the center will be required.

Accidents: The staff will make every effort to ensure the safety of your child while in our car. Unfortunately, minor accidents may occur. We will notify you immediately in the event of illness or accident. In the event of a serious accident parents will be notified as soon as possible. We will seek emergency treatment for the child by dialing 911. We will not transport the child to the hospital; this will only be done by ambulance. Payment for this care/treatment is the responsibility of the parents. We will provide emergency information from your enrollment form to the hospital/doctor. Parents are responsible for such medical bills that may arise.

The center will not keep and administer any medications on hand. Otherwise please make arrangements to come and medicate your child or give at home.

After lunch a nap period is provided for all children. To protect the health of each child we will provide a sanitized mat for each child. Parents will need to furnish a small blanket with child’s name on it. Blankets should be taken home weekly for laundering.

Emergency Drills
Emergency drills are held periodically to acquaint your child with evacuation procedures. This may make quite an impression on your child the first time a drill is held, but your child will soon become accustomed to it and know just what to do in the event of an emergency. Fire drills are practiced monthly.

State Department of Welfare
Child Abuse: We are required by law to report any suspected Child Abuse

We provide 1 nutritious snacks, breakfast and lunch for your children. Please do not send additional food or snacks for your child. If your child is allergic to or just really opposes a certain food please let us know and we will try to accommodate them. A menu is posted on the bulletin board at the entrance.

According to the Internal Revenue Service, a child care expense for working parents is tax deductible. A statement will be given to the parents before January 31st of the following year.

It is the parent responsibility to keep the Center informed if any changes need to be made in the child’s enrollment files. These files are essential for the well being of your child and the other children in the center, so please keep them current.

We know that many time parents ask our staff members to baby-sit their children after hours. The center does not permit staff to baby sit the center children. This practice can and will lead to termination of the employee and the dismissal of the student.




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